How to Install a Sliding Door – Remodeling Magazine

There are many advantages to double doors. However, they could be quite frustrating and also. Doors that slide may be better for you.

Sometimes one of the first things you should do if you will be installing the door on your own is to cut off the outside trim. Make sure that you do not break the siding in the removal process. After that, remove the doors, removing those screws that link to the hinges and doors. In some cases there may be a need to mark the trim inside. You should be sure to look under the stripping for screws , and remove any that are.

There are a variety of steps. It’s best to make sure that it is a good day for the weather prior to starting this task in order to ensure that your door could be open for at minimum an hour. It is crucial to make sure that all steps are strictly adhered to in relation to the door you have. Safety first! Call a professional when you are unsure. zfhyrz36x7.