Business Ideas Simple Enough to Start From Your Garage – Small Business Magazine

Drop-shipper: The garage of your home can become a hub of the last mile shipping service. The garage can be used to receive temporary local parcels of delivery and deliver these to the post office.
2. Instructors: Establish your yoga, dance or martial arts class by making your garage’s floor more attractive and adding mirrors from floor to ceiling on the wall.
3. Computer Repair: You will require a workspace as well as a few toolsand understanding of how to fix computers, phones, and various electronic gadgets.
4. Tech Support: Your employees can offer support 24 hours a day by setting up multiple phone lines and server farms.
5. Recycling: You are able to recycle used appliances using a pickup truck or a trailer. Sort out and eliminate any recyclable items from your garage.
6. Soap or Candle Maker Set up moulds, tables and supplies as well as a heater for melting wax or fats. Let your favourite crafts come to life while making solid income, z47lr7uw34.