Ways to Keep Your Cooler More Cold – Reference Video.net


In the past ten years, coolers have advanced a lot. The difference is huge on how to pack the cooler. The coolers with pre-cooling work better. Cold air sinks, make sure to put the frozen food in the cooler first. Foam coolers are far better than coolers that have ample space. On top of that, immediately on top of the frozen food you have stored, is your primary ice. More substantial chunks of ice will last much longer. To top off the ice, add the things you’re likely to use on a more regular basis like milk, cheese, and snacks. On top of the essentials layer, place some kind of insulated layers that include an old sleep mat or blanket that is insulated. If you’re drinking alcohol, the optimal temperature is 45 degrees. At this point, layer the last layer with the beer. Importantly, it doesn’t get cold. However, it should remain at a perfect temperature. For more info, watch this video. 23todgpl4w.