How a Deli Grease Trap Is Cleaned – Business Training Video

They intercept oil, grease, and food debris before it enters the municipal water supply. Grease can quickly block major drainage lines if allowed to enter the water distribution.

Grease traps are designed to keep grease contained, but all of that grease has to eventually go somewhere. Grease trap cleaners are there to help. These experts are similar to the septic tank cleaners. They use heavy-duty pumping equipment for emptying grease traps. After that, they remove the grease on a secure site.

This video shows you the process by which a grease trap cleaner is cleaned and pumps out grease at a restaurant. This vital service should be performed as frequently as needed for the amount of the trap and how much work is happening in the restaurant.

After setting up the apparatus after which you open the grease trap, the grease trap cleaner will begin. After that, he does a quick job of the job , essentially vacuuming the grease out of the trap. Once the majority of the grease is taken out of the trap various tools to cleanse the pipes leading to the trap and the interior walls of the trap from residual grease. hg6misnhu2.