What Are the Most Common Dental Procedures? – Bright Healthcare

What is the number of procedures that each dentist perform? Becky Gerber, founder of the Academy of Dental Practice Careers is taking a look.

The most commonly used dental procedure is the oral examination or the check-up. It is a way to assess the general oral health of the patient. A limited examination is a different type of exam that focuses specifically on one specific issue such as a toothache. The exam identifies the root cause of the problem and recommends a method of dental care to correct the issue.

Oral x-rays, or radiographs are the next most common procedure. These allow dentists to look at the health of the gumline. This helps spot problems in the early stages before they develop into pain.

Prophylaxis, also known as cleaning but the term is usually used to mean cleaning. Cleaning is also a common practice. Following the cleaning procedure, there is a fluoride varnish.

Restorative procedures such as fillings and restorations are also done by dentists. Fillings are made of either silver or white. Inlays and onlays are done using gold or porcelain.

General dentists can also provide fixed prosthetics for their patients’ mouths. These are also referred to as crowns, bridges, veneers and bridges. Fixed prosthetics are those that attach to the teeth of the patient but do not go into the jawbone in the same way as dental implants. v1l9ni7edb.