Dentist vs. Orthodontist Whats the Difference? – Greg’s Health Journal

Which one is best? Bobby Griffin, an Orthodontist gives an explanation.

Dentists are generally the general doctors for oral health. They generally see patients of all ages. They perform regular check-ups and cleanings. They can also treat root canals. A lot of them also carry out the dental implants procedure. Many people are able to assist in whitening your teeth using cosmetic procedures.

The term “specialist” is used to describe orthodontists. They work to make sure the top teeth as well as the bottom ones are aligned. The effects of overbite and underbite are not only to only make your teeth look weird, but can also result in permanent harm. Teeth that are not aligned can result in irregular the pressure when eating and chewing. In time, teeth that are misaligned can be damaged because some teeth or teeth are more prone to pressure than other parts of the teeth.

The dentists will also examine children’s teeth before they grow into adult teeth to make sure that their jaw is aligned properly. Because children have growing jaws, it is easier to straighten their teeth than adults. It is recommended that an orthodontist examine your child’s teeth before age nine. In contrast, a baby should start visiting a dentist by the 1st birthday. It’s never too late to visit an orthodontist and dental practitioner.