Cold Weather Home Maintenance Tips – The Wick Hut

One of our winter home maintenance suggestions involves paying close attention to any potential problems around the foundation. There are several times during the year when your foundation needs to be looked after. One of these times is when the weather gets cold and you must adapt to winter home maintenance techniques. The best way to stay clear of moisture problems in colder months is to inspect your house’s foundation to see if there are any indications of damage caused by moisture that could necessitate a foundation fix.

There is no need to be touching the foundation. If, for instance, your foundation is constructed from stones or bricks, there could be cracks in the bricks and stones that are stuffed with moss. It’s a sign of damaged water, and you may require basement waterproofing to correct it. Cracks may be discovered between the bricks or in the house’s foundation. Consult a professional look it over, or investigate ways to repair foundations made of brick. To stop further complications it is also worth installing a sump pumps.

Examine Your Downspouts and Gutters to see if there is a blockage

There’s a good chance that you’ll be shoveling your driveways and walkways when snow storms hit. If there are pets or relatives who have to get to your house it is crucial. There may be something you forgot to do, but make sure your downspouts and gutters are clean. This could be one of the most effective winter household maintenance techniques that every homeowner should embrace. Your gutters will be able to take away an enormous amount of water when snowfall melts or rain storms hit and the final thing you want to do is have it blocked up.

If your downspouts get blockage, the water may get back to the surface and may be leaking into your foundation or basement. It could be dangerous. jor8afw9sn.