The Basics of Dark Fiber – Tech Talk Radio Show

“Dark fiber” is a term used to describe a fiber that isn’t “lit” at the moment, or doesn’t have any internet connectivity flowing through it. Similar to the electrical wire which doesn’t possess electricity. It requires special network equipment to be connected to both ends the fiber to allow to distribute bandwidth through buildings.

As a water faucet lit by service providers that own fiber could reduce the amount of Internet traffic in your facility. If you have or lease the specialized network equipment, then the tap is able to be opened until fully. Service providers reduce the flow to match the quantity stipulated in the contract.

Dark fiber is managed by any other person than the service provider that is lit. You must take into consideration all expenses associated with setup, maintenance and installation. If that was the case that was the case, it will be handled by the provider. 1ztmz8mfeq.