These Are the Most Popular Dream Wedding Destinations – Consumer Reports Travel

Tuscany, Italy: Amazing wines and food can bring beauty and flavor to your day.
Los Cabos Mexico – Los Cabos has everything you need for a tropical, sunny wedding.
Bodrum in Turkey is a sought-after tourist destination that offers plenty of history and culture, as well as multiple venues for your memorable celebration.
Mount Cook in New Zealand the Glaciers and Snowy Peaks will impress your guests.
Aspen America is the perfect location for a winter-themed rustic wedding.
Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean – White sand beach and turquoise waters create an amazing backdrop for weddings.
Drakensberg, South Africa – This stunning location can be used for an memorable wedding.
Paris, France: The City of Love is elegant and Full of Iconic Scenes.
Crete, Greece – Blue skies and beautiful waters provide Crete the perfect place to marry the person you love.

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