Steps You Should Take for Flood Cleanup – How Old Is the Internet

the 5 steps you should be taking to get water damage cleanup done can be seen.

1. Your house’s electric and gas connections must be shut off.
You want to make sure you’re protected when clearing up water damage. You and others who are working on cleanup of water damage can be exposed to serious risk if there is gas or electric on.

2. Wear protective equipment
After flooding, there’s typically mold, or potentially dangerous substances in your air. Make sure you’re preventing yourself from taking in these poisonous substance. N95 masks are a good option for this. You also want to have gloves to prevent any injury from contact.

3. Write down the events that have occurred to your house
pictures and video so that you can have proper documentation for your insurance. The unexpected can occur in the cleaning process and you do not want to be held liable.

4. Focus on the Floodline
A dirt line can be seen at least a few feet over the surface, based on the amount of water was moved. You’re gonna want to trash any items that are one foot from above that flooding line and the other foot below. Anything that has gotten wet because of a flood, like carpet padding or carpets will probably need to be cleaned out as it’s extremely difficult to dry them out.

If you have any questions you have, call a local cleanup company that deals with water damage. geaqtwsq3h.