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is an acronym describing the heating and cooling system that chills your home. How many components will an HVAC company have? This video explains the pieces of an HVAC system.

The thermostat is the very first. The thermostat is an easy thermometer that is directly connected to both cooling and heating components. It determines the time when the furnace and air conditioner is turned on. Next, the furnace and blowermotor are two of the most important components in the HVAC system of a house. The furnace’s size can be quite large, it will require its own space in your basement, attic or in a closet. Every furnace comes with an exchanger for heat that comes in when it needs heat. If the furnace runs on gasoline or oil, it uses burners to are responsible for heating. Electric coils are able to heat the air when the electricity used is used as fuel. The evaporator coil, also known as the inside the split-system air conditioners is the thing you’ll see. It is usually housed in one of the enclosures made from metal that are located on the side or top of the furnace. A condensing device is one of the elements in a home’s HVAC system.