Metal Roofing Installation Mistakes – The Interstate Moving Companies

Tal roofing offers you many benefits for your home however, it must be properly installed, first. This video will highlight some of the biggest mistakes that made by people installing metal roofs.
Lapping Panels

Making the wrong choice of the panel will be the first mistake. The wider end is covered by another panel so that the smaller lip shows after you have completed making the panel.

Screws Set Incorrectly

Each screw you install is crucial. It is important to ensure you are using the correct amount of weight when drilling them in.

Use excessive sealant

The purpose of the metal roofing is to help insulate and secure your home by using metal panels. It is important to trim the roof correctly. Sealant won’t work when there are cracks on the roof.

Too Much Overhand

It’s best to keep the roof’s excess overhang to 2.5 inches.

Too Few Screws

The pipe flashing as well as other roof components have to be secure with screws. The panels will be useless if you are lazy or use too many screws.

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