3 Common Asphalt Driveway Repair Issues – Cleveland Internships

its cost-effectiveness make it its cost-effectiveness makes it a preferred choice for repair and installation of driveways and parking areas. But, because of a insufficient maintenance, or poor job by asphalt contractors, there may be issues arising with the usage of asphalt. The following are issues that may arise, as well as the ways to address them.

Raveling is when the pavement begins to break down because of the loss of gravel and asphalt. The thickness of the pavement decreases over time, leaving behind large pieces of gravel.


The lower parts of pavement, which tend to be caused by inadequate asphalt compaction. If they are not addressed and fixed immediately, the collected water and debris in the depressions could result in the surface of asphalt to get worn out and decrease its durability.


These are small depressions that seem like bowls. They are able to penetrate the asphalt layer down to the foundation. They increase in size over duration when water enters the affected area and they can result in fatal damage if fixated on the asphalt that was installed.

There is quite a bit of work and effort to repair or install asphalt. Professionals are skilled on asphalt paving preparation and operation. They are also aware of the methods used in the laying of asphalt concrete and the laying of asphalt driveways, which makes them an ideal choice when it comes to the construction and repairing asphalt driveways.