Michigan Tornado Crosses Right Through Town – Life Cover Guide


Through the air. It’s how residents of Gaylord, Michigan experienced recently when a devastating tornado tore across their town. This video shows the various clips and give you a rare view at the destruction that was that was caused by the tornado.

Some people are seen looking at the tornado from far away in this video. There is definitely a mix of fear and excitement. You can then see the tornado close up. The winds are cutting everything to shreds and tossing the debris hundreds of yards into the air. In the following clip, a second clip shows the extent of the wreckage. Walgreens seems to have sustained significant damage after being immediately struck. The store will probably require repairs to the roof. Also, the signage was damaged. The huge sign set in the ground been tilted about 30 degrees to protect it from powerful winds. In fact, the winds were powerful enough to turn a vehicle upside-down. Another video shows the scene of an RV dealer directly hit by the storm. The majority of RVs were completely destroyed.