How to Identify a Dangerous Tree – Great Conversation Starters

ere are a number of warning signs that your tree could be smashed to pieces anytime. There is however no method of knowing the exact time when it will occur. For a safe removal of the tree the tree, it’s best to get in touch with an arborist. The tree could cause damage to your property. In this instructional video, you will learn how to spot the most common indicators of a dying or dangerous tree which is at risk of falling over.

If the whole tree is likely to collapse, you will often notice that the ground surrounding the tree is sagging. The tree may also have exposed roots as the tree begins to lean in one direction. If you see this happen on a tree that is in your own yard do not hesitate in calling for professionals to remove the tree safely for you. It’s usually dangerous to attempt to get rid of trees on your own. It is especially dangerous with trees that are already leaning on. You will need some skills and experience to get the tree to fall in a different direction from the one it’s currently leaning.