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An overview of one person’s Snugtop which he’s had for three years.

The Snugtop which the owner purchased features oversized windows and an extra remote control lock system for more security. The windows on the front slide open and shut for better air circulation when it is hot. The truck also comes with a strengthened carrying capacity to ensure greater durability as well as hauling capacity.

The cap is hard. A man constructed a set of pulleys inside his garage in order to lift it off of the truck so that it would be more easy for him to lift it. However, the first build wasn’t well-engineered and support beams did not work. With a roof cargo carrier mounted, the cap was threw to the ground. What did the damage look like? There are only two small cracks in the cap. The cap is still fully functional.

The cap is strong and sturdy with plenty of structural integrity. It’s perfect for the truck’s bed and the tailgate. The entire thing is safe and secure. Your family and you can rest peacefully in the bed of the truck as you go camping with the liner which is on the morning.

Take a look at this video and find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the above items.