How a Sons Brilliant Marketing Saved Their Family Restaurant – Food Magazine

It looked as though Nico as well as his child would need to close down the Mexican restaurant. Carlos claimed that his father had tried to keep it from him and it became evident that he was devastated about the prospect of shutting the beloved restaurant he’s been enjoying for ten years. Carlos was, however, having various plans.

Carlos declared that his family has never given up, so he will not abandon their restaurant nor on their plans. Carlos made use of his expertise in social media such as TikTok to produce a video about the restaurant that he could share to the world. The video featured his father enthusiastically opening the restaurant for the day but his father unhappy when no one showed up. This video drew the attention and sympathy of millions of online users. A lot of them have showed that they were at the restaurant in order to taste the food themselves. The restaurant has also helped them be aware of how delicious this food is. There are plenty of other local restaurants offering great meals and low crowds. This is why you should look into a family-owned local establishment in the area you live in.