Learn How to Safely and Properly Drive a Golf Cart – Sports Radio 610

The mini-car was a hit on the golf course. Its use is not limited to golf courses, since a variety of industries and companies have adopted them.

The golfing electric vehicle falls into the category of Community Electric Vehicles. There is no need for a license if you plan to drive your vehicle in private roads.

All it depends on is the area you’re located. Be sure to research your local and state laws prior to driving a golf car. In many states, it is possible to drive the cart on private roads, but it isn’t allowed to operate in major roads, particularly for lengthy distances.

The driver must also be at least at least 14 years old for driving this car. Plus, you can only use it for a maximum speed of between 15 and 35 miles per hour. Additionally, you’ll need drivers licenses to operate the cart in roads.

This video is by Gymnast.Ailsa. She shows how to drive a golf car securely and in a correct way.