Functional Laundry Room Ideas – CharmsVille

ing. Some fridges are tall. single-unit washer and dryer combinations with easy-to-use controls that you’ll appreciate. Also, you should consider repair costs when an appliance fails. Are they worth replacing or repair? However, the DOE says that, during the life of an energy star washer, you can cut down on nearly $370 in energy costs. Consider your options carefully before buying and conduct your own research.
10. Stacking and Space

If you’re short on space and space, here are two useful laundry room concepts that you could use to solve the issue. The first one is stacking the machines you own if you have two separate dryers and washers. Another option is creating the illusion of more space with an aesthetic scheme. Mirrors reflect light, creating a feeling of airiness as they make a space seem bigger than it really can be. Bringing in lots of natural or artificial light can open the space.

11. Seating with Storage

There is a good chance to think about a place to relax between loads of washing. An expert carpenter could create a a comfortable corner seat that you can place next to the window or any other place. A clever addition is to have deep bench seats which have lift-up storage underneath. If your laundry room doubles up as your mudroom area, you may also use the seating to create a comfortable space. This bench could be utilized to provide a place where people can sit and pull out their footwear.

13. Room for the Family Pets

They are not only useful for human beings. Your pet can get their own space to rest in. The floor does need to be durable and easy to keep clean. Stone flooring is an ideal option, particularly if the flooring has heating under the floor that keeps animals and humans warm. You should choose sealed stone to ensure waterproofing and ease of cleaning. It is also possible to allow dogs to utilize the massive kitchen sink for use. If your laundry area isn’t accessible, you can use the bathroom.