What Are Network Cables? – Geek Support Tech

Most of us aren’t aware of anything about network cables. You can, however, hire an expert to recommend and install the best networking cables for your office or home. Read on to discover what network cables are.

These cables are able to connect one device with another device on the network or connect multiple computers to share scanners or printers.

There are numerous types of networks cables. There are various types of network cables available, including coax, optical fiber, and the twisted-pair cables. It is based on the size, topology and physical layer of the network.

Distance between devices to as low as a few metres or almost unlimited. There are several technologies used for network connections. To connect offices for short distances Patch cables may be utilized. Electric connections using twisted pair cables may be employed in buildings. Fiber optic cables may serve applications with long distances with high-bandwidth requirements.

The network cables are installed in a myriad of ways. To increase the reliability and efficiency of maintenance, many installations use structured cabling.

You can watch the video to learn more about network cables.