What Not to Do When the Government Tries to Take Your Land – American Personal Rights

in the case of land condemnation, you need to be careful of your actions. The government attempted to make the process as easy as it could be and these types of cases are quite serious. It is legal to acquire the land if the property owner is able to prove that it will benefit the general public and that they are prepared to pay whatever it is worth. If you’re being subject to an eminent-domain case check out this short video to learn what not to take.

Don’t sign any right-of-entry contract with the department. The DOT can enter your property without the need for any documentation. You shouldn’t challenge an appraisal for tax purposes. You’ll end up arguing that the value of your property is less than what it was appraised for. Be sure to not speak with an right-of-way agent. The agent can make detailed notes against the property. Similarly, you shouldn’t speak with an appraiser from the DOT about your property either. You shouldn’t put your home on the market while it’s being condemned. You will find it difficult to market your property for sale at an acceptable market value. 9y442i2ehx.