Is Invisalign Better Than Metal Braces? – Bright Healthcare

The clear aligner is often referred to as an invisible brace, or orthodontic device to correct misaligned smiles, is a type of clear alignment. This video will discuss Invisalign braces.

Invisalign braces look unnoticeable relative to braces made from metal. These braces are very popular with adults.

The aligners may be removed and replaced with new sets constructed from plastic that is elastic. The patient gets a different set of aligners every 2 weeks. The aligners slowly move the teeth to the ideal locations by applying pressure them.

Invisalign braces may be worn up to 22 hours per day, however they can be easily taken off after you eat or brush your teeth or floss.

Certain foods are not permitted for patients wearing braces that are made out of steel. With Invisalign it is not a restrictions since aligners are taken off prior to meals.

Braces made of Invisalign are much more comfortable than braces that are made of metal.

When the aligners have been removed, it’s easy to floss and brush your teeth. Cleaning your teeth using metal braces may be difficult.

There are fewer consultations required when wearing Invisalign as compared to those who wear braces of metal.

Metal braces cost less than Invisalign and can be more effective for treating more complex issues.

The kind of treatment needed will determine which braces will be required. 2c9t56ciaz.