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However, the most popular are:

Botox in combination with Botulinum Toxin



The injectable neurotoxins are used to enhance the size of the skin. Skin fillers and neurotoxins help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, the techniques involved in each are distinct. If you go to a medical spa, your doctor will guide you on whether to get an injectable neurotoxin treatment or skin filler.

Injectable Neurotoxins who are the beneficiaries?

People who are healthy and physically fit may benefit from injectable neurotoxins, however, they are not advised for those who suffer from carcinoma, a decrease in lung function, eyelid drooping and Lou Gehrig’s Disease or myasthenia graveis peripheral nerves disorder, etc. Smokers should not consider injecting neurotoxins.

Facial and Spa Services

Spa and facial services are the fourth option when it comes to the med spa experience. You can find these services at day spas, but these are also offered in med spas. Expertise and knowledge of medical spa specialists make the services much more useful.

HydraFacial is among the most requested treatment options for spa and facials. It’s a process that has five phases. aids in rejuvenating the skin by peeling and exfoliating it, then extracting the moisture and moisturizing. Water purification is a feature as well as the installation of a hot water heater inside the HydraFacial device, which means that the water you apply to your skin isn’t too abrasive or cold. This makes it easier to feel at ease. The water heater install goes quite a ways to provide the user with a pleasant experience. In the end, your skin should feel revitalized since impurities have been removed.

Also, there are other beauty and spa services within Medspa

Treatments for acne




PCA and VI peels

What are the Benefits of Facial and Spa Services for You?

Persons of all ages, from small kids and teens through older adults.