How Does Demulsification Work? – Discovery Videos

?” illustrates what happens and the reasons this demulsifier is important. Find out why!

Most of us know that water and oil generally don’t mix well unless the force is there to unify them. For instance, you could use a mixer to make salad dressings using water and vegetable oils. If you let that sit for too long it might separate naturally. Some emulsions, however, don’t break apart because they’re stable, and they are only separated with the use of special chemicals called demulsifiers.

Mayonnaise, an excellent example of stable emulsions doesn’t contain the oil molecules or water that break apart. This happens because it’s made up of cholesterol. The structure of eggs holds water and oil together. But if you eliminate this cholesterol, it will result in a separation once again. That’s essentially what demulsification entails eliminating the structure that joins the two polarizing substances. The chemicals are utilized in the lubrication system, where water and oil are present, but they can sometimes block pipes and tubes.

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