Basics of Antennas – Maine’s Finest

Ls can be used to access internet or television channels. In this short video, you are taught how antennas work.

The electromagnetic waves that are transmitted through air by an antenna work as an amplifier. The electromagnetic waves are converted into an electrical signal, and vice versa. The electromagnetic waves have to be isolated from their sources and be propagated. Separation of waves involves accelerating and slowing charges. This causes the magnetic field to stretch and memories to occur. So, an antenna may be constructed if an arrangement of oscillating positive and negative dipoles are constructed. An antenna has a number of rods that have electricity flowing across them. The first pole is positive, one pole is negative. The result is that waves propagate. The frequency of the sent signal will be exactly the same as that of the voltage signal. The length of the antenna must be equal to the length of the wave which is calculated by applying the speed of light for the speed of the waves. You can see that electrons and their electric fields play a crucial role in the working of antennas. We hope that this short video and our article helped make the idea more manageable.