What Does a CPA Do? – 020 Credit

l business organized. This video will show you how is a CPA is able to do better than a bookkeeper.

One of the main differences is that CPAs benefit from a higher level of training and education as accountants in general. CPAs have to earn at least 150 hours of credit or a master’s to pass the examination.

CPAs assist companies in understanding and analyzing the key numbers that influence their bottom line. CPAs can assist with complex financial transactions as well as create documents for shareholders. They also can engage employees and design tax-related plans.

CPAs can help you with your taxes, especially if you are required to appear in courts. Bookkeepers and tax professionals can’t represent the client in court, but an CPA can. CPAs must also stay current on their educational requirements but this isn’t mandatory for tax professionals or bookkeepers.

CPAs can be extremely helpful during tax time. CPAs can assist you in filing your taxes, and they will also help in establishing a budget to ensure you don’t end up paying too much. Bookkeepers can also do this however it might be worth having an CPA review your tax returns before filing them.